share the beauty: hair health

the wonderful heather of just lovely things posted about a linkup party with lauren and leonora called share the beauty. i missed the first link up about favorite hair tools, but i definitely wanted to join in on the hair health post :) here are the products i use to keep my hair healthy:

1. redken color extend shampoo - this shampoo is really great at protecting my color when i need to wash it, which is about every 3 days.

2. infusium 23 color defender shampoo - this shampoo is on the less expensive side (compared to redken), so it's a good deal for me. it also smells great!

1. generic tea tree oil conditioner - i picked this up on a recent trip to sally beauty. it works great for me because i have oil skin/scalp, so between washes, this conditioner minimizes the oil and has a fresh scent.

2. orofluido conditioner - i cashed in my ulta points and picked up this conditioner. it's a small bottle for the price, but it smells sooo good! i really like it.

1. argan oil treatment - i use a pea size amount on my damp hair every morning, concentrating on my ends. it does wonders for my ends!

2. macadamia healing oil treatment - this is pretty similar to the argan oil, but it's a little pricey. it does smell amazing though.

if anyone would like to participate in the share the beauty posts, be sure to click the button below and link up!


  1. I am picking that Generic Tea Tree Oil Conditioner up on my next trip to Sally's. That sounds like good stuff!

  2. I should get into the whole hair treatment thing, but the problem is, that I have really oily hair, I can't even go two days without washing it.