this month has been pretty busy for me, and i haven't been taking as many day to day photos as i usually do or want to. i'll be on vacation until next wednesday (yay!!!), and i plan on taking a TON of photos of my vegas trip to share here next week. until then, here are a few randoms from the past few weeks:

1. i'm a big fan of "big red" pop since i was introduced to it way back when in san antonio. it's a little harder to find here in IL sadly. my grandma just came back from visiting family in texas & brought back 2 cases of pop - "big peach" and "big pineapple"! the peach flavor is pretty amazing.

2. i blogged about pugly pixel's recent SNL photo bumper tutorial, and tried it out on a photo of chester too.

3. i downloaded john mayer's latest "born and raised". i'm really liking it so far. it has a little more country influence, with some blues and jazz tones. if you're a john mayer fan, definitely check it out. my favorite track right now is "shadow days".

4. i went to a wine tasting with my family, chester, and a few friends at a local winery last saturday. it was really fun, but i probably should have had more to eat for breakfast than an apple :/ i was feeling pretty good by the end, lol.

5. after the wine tasting and dinner, i celebrated my 28th birthday with good friends at westwood tavern. i still can't believe i'm 28! neither can my parents, haha.

6. and lastly, i discovered a fun new photo app "mr. chiizu" from kristina's latest blog post iphoneography - all about apps. she has a really great list of photo apps and her review on each of them, so be sure to check it out. i couldn't pass up this cute app, it's just too fun.

hope you all have a great holiday weekend! have lots of fun!!!

'til next time,


  1. Oh man, I really miss Big Red! It's a such a staple back home in Texas. Sometimes I forget it's pretty impossible to find in IL. Thankfully, I don't have any problem finding Mexican Coke out here. :)

    1. i really miss big red too! sometimes i can find it at random gas stations, but it's getting to the point where i want to ask my friends in texas just ship some to me. haha.

      and yes, thank goodness that's not the case with mexican coke!