i've been wanting to do a "currently" post for a while, the idea borrowed from the wonderful danielle of sometimes sweet, and i've hesitated b/c i don't usually take self portrait shots too often. at all. and i feel that those shots are a really nice compliment to this kind of post. so below is the most current photo of myself i have. it's not a self portrait, but i find the photo combo kind of hilarious, and i thought i'd share it.

reading: sadly nothing at the moment :( i'm still wanting to start devil in the white city & fifty shades of grey. and i'm open to any suggestions if you have any! i need to find a few good books for my summer reading list.

watching: a ton of stuff as usual, but i am LOVING this season of game of thrones & i really, really like veep so far. it's so hilarious! seriously, if you haven't watched it yet, give it a shot. you won't be disappointed. i also still watch old grey's anatomy episodes on netflix. i've re-watched the entire series already, and now i'm randomly picking episodes from seasons 2-4. i think i've gotten my body used to watching an episode before bed, so now it's relaxing to watch.

thinking about: a lot of different things. i'm pretty excited for this month! may has always been my favorite month... summer is almost here, it's my birthday month, and this may i have an amazing trip to vegas planned with chester and our close friends. it's. gonna. be. awesome.

loving: the midwest weather recently. we've received a little taste of summer this past week, and have had some really awesome thunderstorms. i love thunderstorms. 

anticipating: my birthday in 2 weeks! and then my vegas trip right after that! i am in serious need of a vacation, for over a year now, and this trip couldn't come soon enough!

listening to: fleet foxes' fleet foxes album. i love "white winter hymnal" so much.

eating: slightly lighter, leaner meals. and popcorn. gotta love that popcorn.

feeling thankful for: my family. my health. my boyfriend. my friends. understanding people. awesome new blogging buddies. everyone that has been so sweet to comment on my posts recently. i seriously get so excited when i get a comment notification email :) so thank you!

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