ahhh, summertime :)

watching: i've been at a bit of a loss since game of thrones ended, but i have gotten back into the latest season of the killing. it's pretty good so far, although last night's episode had me less excited about the season. eh, we'll see what happens. i do love detective holder... he's so hot! i'm super pumped for the newsroom to come back next sunday! i love love love that show.

reading: i ordered some "pool" books from amazon last week, and "into the darkest corner" almost didn't make it to the pool! i finished it in a week, which is a record for me, and it was amazing. i couldn't put it down! and it did freak me out a bit when trying to go to sleep, haha. i also received "the fault in our stars", which i've heard amazing things about, but i'm thinking that one will not come to the pool with me (don't want to be a crying mess out there, haha). my friend lent me "i've got your number" last week, and i'm looking forward to that one as well.

listening to: the new did you hear the new mixtape for june 2013. they always put out amazing monthly mixes, and this one is one of my favorites! i also can't seem to get enough of the new daft punk album, and this song! gotta love it. i have a summer playlist on spotify too, if you want to check that out.

excited about: all of our plans for the rest of the summer! a week from this wednesday, chester and i will join our friends in michigan for my friend jorie's birthday. we are staying three nights at her lake house, and i cannot wait! it's going to be a lot of fun. in august (exactly a month from today), chester and i are going to california for a long weekend :D we'll stay with some good friends that moved there last april, and i'm excited for them to show us around. we'll be able to catch up with a few other friends who have moved to the west coast, and it will be so nice to see them.

loving: my lifeproof case that i received for my birthday in may! last summer i reviewed the photojojo scuba suit for the iphone. the first case they sent me was defective, but they quickly replaced it and i enjoyed using it at the pool. BUT the reason i bought the case was for our cancun trip last september. as soon as i went to clip in the bottom piece, one of the plastic clips broke. at the very beginning of the trip! i was pissed, and wasn't interested in another replacement at that point. the customer service was stellar as always, and i received a full refund. i had heard such great things about the lifeproof case, and i have to say that it works like a charm. i bring it to the pool (the image above was taken in the pool this weekend), and i'm excited to use it up at the lake. it's definitely worth the $80, in my opinion.

so that's about it! hope you all had a great holiday weekend! 


  1. Oh man, "The Fault in Our Stars" is an AMAZING book but I would definitely recommend not reading it in public. I may or may not have cried on an airplane while reading it, haha.

    Have fun in California! Sounds like an awesome trip. :)

    1. oh no! yeah, i'll have to keep that one on the nightstand for sure.

  2. I agree with Daniela, do NOT bring The Fault in Our Stars to the pool because you will be forced to jump in just so the rest of your body is as wet as your face! Haha. It's so good though.

    That's exciting you're coming to California! Any chance you'll be in my neck of the woods?

    1. i'm kind of afraid to start it b/c of how sad i heard it was, but i'm hoping to just dive in this week.

      we will be in the LA and Irvine area, which unfortunately is pretty far from you :( i do want to vacation up there soon though! maybe when i'm hating on the midwest winter, haha!