italy vacation: venice

the last leg of our trip was spent in venice. the first day we walked around the downtown area with no real plans... just tried to soak it all in. st. mark's square is beautiful at night, with all of the classical musicians playing outside various restaurants, and even the little light up toys that soared into the sky (that guys tried to sell to tourists) added to the beauty of it all. kind of like fireflies :)

the second day we took the water taxi to the islands of murano, burano, and san michele. murano is known for their beautiful handblown glass. the rose covered doorway below was my favorite sight on the island. burano is known for their lace, and many shops had such beautiful lacework to offer. sarah wanted to stop at san michele, otherwise known as "cemetery island" before heading back to venice. the island is literally a huge cemetery. of course it sounds creepy, and i'm sure it would be at night, but during the day it was beautiful. we walked around most of the island, and stopped to read quite a few gravestones. i swear i felt a strange prick in my pinky finger when i passed one grave, and kept telling myself it was a bug (even though there was no bite mark) until we got back on the boat. haha! i mean, of course it was a bug...

taking the water bus around the islands // beautiful glass in murano // beautiful houses in burano // cemetery island

that evening was our last day/night in venice, and sadly the last night of our trip. we did a little more shopping of course (i had to buy a duffel to fit everything that i wanted to bring home), and we spent the evening in st. mark's square again. it was really bittersweet, but we tried our best to soak it all in.

the next morning we headed to the airport and geared up for our 10 hour flight back to the states. many sleeping aids were involved, and sort of worked, but at least the flight back offered pretty good movies, like one of my favorites, crazy stupid love.

so that was our fabulous italy vacation! hopefully the 4 different posts didn't seem like overkill. it definitely was too much for one post, don't you think? haha.

if you haven't checked them out yet, i uploaded a handful of photos (well, 50) to flickr. there is some overlap with those photos and the ones i share on here, but if you want to check 'em out here's the link.

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