obsessing over: i'm not really obsessing over anything at the moment, but i can't help but want to buy a ton of new summer dresses and skirts. i have enough already, but can't seem to resist a new one if it's a good bargain, haha.

working on: changing up my workout routine. i tried rock climbing at my gym the other night and although i'm terrible at it, it was really fun. luckily my friend dan works in the rock wall area, and helped me out a lot. it definitely made me feel more comfortable than learning from a stranger. i made it halfway up the wall a couple times. i'm hoping to make it to the top by my 3rd time ;)

thinking about: my friend's cookout/pig roast/massive party this weekend in wisconsin (it's going to be so much fun), our company canoe trip next month :) & upcoming plans/parties in july. one of my dear friends tim is moving to LA in july. it's sad to see him go, but i think it will be a good move for him. but why is california slowly stealing my social circle?! maybe i'll have to make my way out there someday.

 canoe trip email // tim & i at his birthday party this year

listening to: the civil wars' album barton hollow (& their daytrotter session) and sleep out's new album black cat found. sleep out is actually my boss' band, he plays the drums.

watching: true blood, the newsroom, hbo movies, old grey's episodes. the newsroom just started last sunday night on hbo, and i thought the pilot was amazing! if you get a chance, be sure to check it out!

reading: "fifty shades of grey" still. and i totally take back my comment about it being a good pool read.... uh, not anymore, lol. unless i was reading it on a kindle or something, which i'm not. i can only read a couple chapters at a time, and then i lose interest, so i'm looking for a couple new summer reads. any suggestions??

wishing: for more summer weekends (b/c mine are already filling up so quick!), for a little rain to relieve this crazy midwest heat (but not this weekend please),  and for more time to blog/photograph/read.

hope you all have a great weekend! 

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