i know, more pool photos. but now that summer is here, i'm obsessed with being at the pool! 

obsessing over: summer plans, my financial situation (boo to being an adult), keeping my vacation tan (seriously, i don't know why i'm so obsessed with that, i have the whole summer to get tan), getting back into my workout routine, eating cleaner/healthier

working on: blogging more often, taking more photos (both everyday shots and photos with friends), cutting back on junk food and snacking, reading more, being outside more

thinking about: summer plans, my diet, changing up a few things on my blog layout, old friends, my family, old memories

listening to: john mayer's born and raised still, fleet foxes, my running playlist (made up of crappy club music... i know, but it makes running easier, lol)

watching: the killing. seriously, if i don't know who killed rosey larsen by the end of this season, i'm giving up. i caught up on sunday's episode last night, and i have to say that i didn't see those last few minutes coming. very interesting. and *spoiler* linden's psychiatrist was also her fiance?! i hope they expand on that whole thing a little more. game of thrones is over (sadly), but true blood starts this sunday!!! i need a refresher on last season, i forget how it ended.

reading: "fifty shades of grey". yep, i jumped on that bandwagon. it makes for a good pool read. i'm only about 3 chapters in, but i do have to agree with a friend's opinion that it's very much like "bella swan in college". but i'll still give it a chance. i did read all of the twilight books after all ;)

wishing: that my parents and my sister were only a 5 minute drive away. i would LOVE to meet them up for mid-week dinners like old times. i'm also hoping chester and i can get our late summer vacation planned soon. i always feel better when flights & hotel rooms are booked. then i get really excited :)

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