watching: the third season of the killing ended a few weeks ago, and i think i liked that season the best out of all three. i'm really loving this season of the newsroom too! the whole genoa storyline is fascinating to watch unfold. and i love how i like don so much after he and maggie split. after browsing hulu's suggestion on series i should watch, i started watching durham county. i'm liking it a lot so far, and i've noticed quite a few actor overlaps with the killing. there are only 3 seasons of the show, so i'll probably finish that up in time for boardwalk empire!!!! i cannot wait! chester and i have also been watching deadwood. he and his dad watched the series when it aired on hbo, so it came highly recommended. i'm diggin' it so far.

reading: so i ordered even more books since last posting a currently post, and i haven't finished anything yet, haha. i blame amazon now accepting my credit card points directly. i've started "island of lost girls", and while it's interesting, it's not as gripping as i was hoping it would be right off the bat. but i'm not giving up just yet. i'm also reading "the spectacular now" and i really like it so far. i'm hoping to finish it soon and see the movie before it's out of the theaters.

listening to: chester sent me this video of the staves's crypt session, and i was blown away. so i've been listening to them a lot, along with rosie june & folly and the hunter (first band that spotify suggested and i actually clicked on, haha). chester and i have tickets to see lucy rose in october, and i cannot wait to hear her sing this!

thinking about: just how incredible this summer has been. chester and i have been lucky enough to take a couple long weekend trips, and had some really fun times with our friends. plus, this summer was kicked off with the trip of a lifetime with my family. i've been so lucky to have had the time and resources to make this summer one for the books.

looking forward to: going to the beach with friends this weekend, hopefully getting one last pool day in before it closes, goose island's belgian fest & of course the renegade craft fair!

hope you all are having a great week! until next time...

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