happy friday everyone! just wanted to share a few photos of what chester and i have been up to lately.

chester is a big fan of craft beer, especially stouts. i was never a beer person, and usually stuck to my rum & cokes when we went out. but over the past month or so, i've been trying some great stouts. i really like the ones with coffee or chocolate flavoring. my favorites are bell's black note (has a hint of licorice) and goose island's bourbon county stout. lucky for me/us, there is a great bar near chester's place in franklin park, hopscotch, that serves both of these :)

last sunday chester and i went a stout tasting, put on by solidarity, called "darkside" in wicker park. we each got to try 8 different stouts... which made for a tipsy sunday afternoon! haha. but it was a lot of fun, and i like that events like this are something we can now do together. we actually have tickets to stout fest 2013 on the 16th! i'm really excited for that one!

last night chester and i joined his dad and a few of his friends at a shooting range. we were lucky enough to get a private room reserved, and it was really nice learning about everything in that kind of environment. i've never shot a gun before, and i was so nervous, but the guys were really great teachers. i picked it up pretty quick, and was quite proud of my target sheets!

so that's what we've been up to lately, drinkin' beer and shootin' guns. hahaha! j/k. hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Fun! I told my BF about that beer tasting and he was pretty disappointed in me for not knowing about it in advance since it was in my neighborhood, haha.

    I'm from Texas and I've actually never shot a gun. My dad has a gun rack and everything but I've never gone hear anything on it. Looks like fun though! :)

    1. haha! usually my BF is up-to-date on any stout event in a 30 mile radius, but i randomly saw this one on facebook, and we ended up buying tickets the night before ;)

      you should go to a shooting range if you ever have the chance, it's really a lot of fun. getting used to the kick backs will take a while though, haha. i stuck to the one with the least kick. i also liked pretending i was on an episode of law and order: svu or the walking dead! haha!