i went snowboarding!

chester and i joined a few of our friends in michigan this past weekend to go snowboarding. chester has snowboarded for several years, but this was my very first time. luckily i wasn't the only beginner in our group. i will say that it was a lot harder than i had anticipated, and i knew going in that it would be pretty tough. i'm not going to lie, my first run down the bunny hill... i hated it. haha! but chester was so incredibly patient with me, and by my last run i started to get the hang of it :) kind of, haha. it was fun, and i do look forward to going again sometime soon. once my muscles stop aching :P

the rest of the trip was such a blast. we listened to the hawks game on the radio while playing spoons and various other drinking games. man did it feel like a college flashback! i love these weekend getaways with great friends. hopefully we can plan another one soon.

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