i am...

well hello there! i feel like i've been starting my more recent posts with an apology/reason for not blogging much over the last month or so, and i guess this one isn't much different. lol. it feels weird to not post as much as i used to, but i have been seriously busy lately (like every other person, right?). now i'm caught up on crochet orders, and i started working out in the mornings before work (ok, only twice last week, but i plan on picking it up again next week), which will free up my weeknights a ton! meaning: more reading time, more crafting time, and more blogging time :)

alrighty, now onto the "i am...." part of the post:

 half acre brewery tour this past weekend for my sister's birthday.

i am...

... seriously liking the whole "working out in the mornings" gig. i will say that when my alarm goes off, i do sit and look at my phone, debating on whether to get up or not for about 2 minutes. every. single. time. but then i drag myself out of my bed, and it's not so bad when i get moving. i give myself more than enough time to get ready there, and it feels good to take my time with my makeup and hair. my gym is super close to my work, so i never have to worry about being late.

... still happy that i got to spend a whole day with my family downtown last weekend. chester and i met up with my parents, sarah, and her bf for a brewery tour at half acre, which then turned into a day drinking adventure... haha. we followed that up with dinner at this amazing columbian place "las tablas", and shuffle board at wellingtons bar. THEN chester and i met up with some friends for a late dinner at "the girl and the goat". wow. that place was crazy good! i want to go back so bad!

... the proud new owner of an iphone 5 :) yes i know, they aren't super new, but it was a welcomed upgrade from my iphone 4.

... finally reading summer of night by dan simmons. i bought the book back in october or november of last year, and was just too busy to start it. i read the first chapter through ibooks (that's what i do with all new books, just to see if the first chapter grabs me enough to buy it), but finally got past that first part earlier this week. so far so good, i'm interested to see where the story will go.

... really enjoying 2013 so far.

... looking forward to getting some tax money back soon. i usually get a little chunk back, and i would gladly welcome any extra income right now.

... excited to plan and book our family trip to italy this may! we are taking about 10 days at the end of may/beginning of june to check out rome, cortona (where my sister studied abroad one summer in college), and other to-be-determined locations. it'll come up fast, and i cannot wait to explore another country!

... looking forward to a low key weekend.

this post was inspired by the lovely natalie.

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