travis & nicky's wedding!

my dear friends travis & nicky got married last friday at a lovely vineyard in three oaks, michigan. travis & i have been friends for about 7 or so years now. we met in college and our whole group has managed to stay close since graduating. i remember when travis told me he was going to marry nicky someday. it was at our combination birthday party in may of 2009. they had just started dating, and we all really liked her, so when he told me that, i hoped to myself that it would come true. and here we are, a little over 3 years later.

a few of us thought it would be fun to rent a vacation house for the weekend, and we all had such a blast. although the weather didn't quite cooperate on that friday, it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies i have ever witnessed. i totally teared up when travis had trouble getting through his vows! it was very apparent that they are meant to be together, and to be a part of that is pretty darn awesome! (haha, i'm even getting goosebumps again typing this.)

here are a few shots from that day. oh, and my photos totally don't do nicky's dress any justice, she looked beyond gorgeous. i really loved the lace, it reminds me a lot of my mom's wedding dress.

i was so excited when i saw that they had rented a traveling photo booth for the reception. i don't know if i've mentioned this on the blog before, but i am obsessed with photo booths! (and not the crappy digital kind, the legit ones.) although it was digital, the photo quality & lighting were so great that it really does look like the film versions. travis & nicky opted for the scrapbook add-on, so when the photos were printed, they put one copy in the scrapbook right away, and we got to keep the other copy. (imagine my excitement!) plus, you can download high res files online, and even order cheap reprints. pretty amazing.

below are my favorite photos from the booth. i'm thinking that i might need to frame a few of these soon.

those two handsome dudes in the last photos (above) are my roomies jon & jeremy. i don't think i've posted photos of them before on here (or at least not of the 3 of us together). but there ya have it :)

congrats again to the new mr. & mrs. travis maynard! we love you two! xoxo.

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  1. You are all look gorgeous!! Pls.send my warm congratulations and best wishes to Travis and Nicky.