our cancun vacation - part 2

when i got back home, i was talking to my sister about our vacation and she asked, "what was your favorite part?" i literally loved every aspect of the trip, so it was hard to answer that question. although i have to say, there is nothing like swimming in the ocean (or technically the caribbean sea in our case). i think i'm meant to live near an ocean someday b/c i could not get enough of it! something about being in salt water, waves rolling in, it's amazing. i was addicted.

my boss let my borrow his gopro camera and we had a lot of fun with it. i have video too, but it's kind of all over the place, so i'll just share some photos:

like i mentioned in part 1 of this post, we did venture off the hotel property one morning to swim with dolphins! i was so excited about this, swimming with a dolphin is something i've always wanted to do since i was little, so it was nice to cross it off my bucket list :) the dolphins were so sweet! we each got a "kiss" photo with our dolphin, and we got to pet her while she swam around our group. finally, we each had a dolphin ride. when watching the others do it, it doesn't look like the dolphin is going that fast, but it really felt really fast when it was my turn! haha.

i was really happy we had a chance to do this excursion. dolphins are such incredible creatures, and i definitely want swim with them again. haha, and i love this photo below because it looks like the dolphin is smiling :)

so all in all, it was a wonderful, wonderful vacation. and it was the first vacation where it was just chester & i, so that was really nice. the only thing i would change for next time is booking a longer trip!

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