some randoms

so i was hoping to get (more) photos from this weekend, and do a cool "my weekend in photos" post, but i totally failed at that this time, haha. but it was an amazing weekend, so i attribute my lack of photos to just enjoying the moments, and not frantically trying to capture each one. i am sharing what i did manage to capture though :)
i completely love the view from my bedroom window in my apartment right now. i'm lucky enough to get some beautiful sunlight and i have a gorgeous tree right outside the window.

my friend kyle of i shoot rockstars! started a visitors project, and he took a photo of everyone who came into his studio over the course of a year. he ended up publishing a book with all of the portraits, and had a launch party this past friday. pretty cool!

sooo, not pictured from the weekend: my first attempt at making homemade cake pops (they were yummy!), sarah's super fun housewarming party downtown, and a perfect sunday of lounging, movie watching and shopping :D

oh, and in the process of making cake pops, i watched "my best friend's wedding" on netflix :) i love that movie! and i had this song stuck in my head for the longest time, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing ;)


  1. I know what you mean about the pictures. I love photography but it does take me out of being present in the moment.

  2. I want to see these cake pops! :) I love the ones at Starbucks -like too much lol
    I'm nervous to make them myself though.
    Love those photos - you're one talented gal!

  3. that is my favorite movie ever! i (shamelessly) know every word to it! :) love your blog!

  4. jennifer - that happens to me a lot when hanging out or doing something with friends/family. so i like to plan "photo adventures" with them, making photography, and wondering around, the main focus. they end up being really fun days too :)

    becky - i love the starbucks cake pops, but i have to stay that the homemade ones are even better! i'll be sure to post photos of my next batch.

    camille - i LOVE this movie too, it's so good! and your blog is cute! thanks for sharing :)