my week (and weekend) in photos

some cinco de mayo fun // a new tshirt courtesy of dressing on the side // friday was absolutely gorgeous 

mother's day cubs game! too bad they didn't win :(

not pictured: the rest of a great weekend with friends and family :)

in other news, the lovely jen of just jen awarded me with the versatile blogger award :) how cool! thanks so much jen!

so, going along with the rules, here are 7 things about me. i tried to pick some things that i haven't already shared on here:
  1. i typically hit the snooze button about 3 times each weekday morning before getting out of bed.
  2. i got rid of the blue streaks in my hair about a month ago. i rocked the blue for about 3 years, but needed a change, and a chance to save some money ;) seriously, those bright colors are high maintenance and expensive.
  3. i turn 27 in 11 days! wow, that feels like i'm officially OFFICIALLY an adult :/ 
  4. for those of you who don't know me irl, i'm really short (like a teeny bit above 5 feet), haha. which should be pretty obvious on here in any photo when i'm standing next to someone.
  5. i really want to visit italy and paris, especially after hearing stories from my sister's trips to those places. lucky girl.
  6. if you give me new music to check out, it will take me a really long time to listen to the whole cd. but not as long as it takes for me to watch a movie you let me borrow. seriously, i've sat on movies for years at a time. crazy!
  7. i have a really hard time narrowing down which cameras to bring on a vacation. the top of my list: my diana mini, my supersampler, my nice (bulky) digital camera, and my tiny canon camera. but i also like to throw in my holga and my instant camera if i have room :/
the 3rd rule is to award 15 recently discovered bloggers...whoa! that's a lot, haha. soooo i'm choosing these 3 lovely ladies: ana of erban: a random blog, sarah of a lost feather, and cheryl of stuff you'll love. you ladies are all pretty damn awesome and inspiring :) posting 7 things and awarding new bloggers is totally your call, i just wanted to give a well deserved shout-out.

~ steph


  1. thank you so much Steph!:)

    ah, i want a diana so bad.. they have them in the art supply store that i use, so i have to see them every week or so.. one day i will just buy one!

    i'm sooo very with you on the snooze button thing. i use the alarm on my phone.. on occasion i'll use up all my snoozes then just take the phone into bed with me and cuddle with it.. it's bad!

  2. :) love that tee!
    You and your family are awesome!! Makes me smile!

  3. aw. thanks so much. i'll definitely do this :D love your weekend photos as well. looks like a fun weekend.

  4. Lol - yeah I totally hit snooze every morning too! I'm sure my boss is plenty annoyed by my constant lateness. I can't help it - I'm a night person! ;P