hello! i just wanted to share some photos of what i've been up to lately. pretty much a lot of beer events...

goose island's urban block party. way more organized (and fun) than their 25th anniversary party. many tasty BCS's were consumed.

goose island's oktoberfest. unfortunately i didn't take many photos at the event, but it was really fun! got to try some rare barrel aged stouts and i really liked bourbon county brand barley wine.

the whole family enjoying the new glarus oktoberfest in WI. the new glarus brewery has to be one of my favorites. there's a huge garden area where you can walk around, sample beer, and eat some awesome pizza. and the festival in downtown new glarus was pretty cool! we got some great souvenir glasses (pictured above). it was really nice for chester & i to spend the weekend with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend.

although the guys weren't super excited to stop anywhere on the way back to chicago, sarah and i thought it was necessary to swing by edwards apple orchard. sarah and i have been going to edwards every fall since we can remember, and it's always a good time. the place gets packed every single weekend, but we were able to swing by the store for some apples and the famous apple cider donuts (!!!), and get a few photos in pretty quick before they closed.

october is looking to be pretty busy, although we currently don't have any beer events to attend.... waaahhh. lol. but i'm super excited for all of the fall things! and halloween! damn, i just love halloween. haha.

hope you all are having a great week so far!


  1. Fun! Are you checking Beer Hoptacular in November? They haven't announced their brewery list yet, but I went two years ago and it was really fun! Also going this year. :)

    1. oh, i didn't even know about beer hoptacular! it looks awesome! i hope we can go. :)