i'm still here!

man, so i really thought i'd be able to get in a few posts before this weekend, but that obviously didn't happen :/ work was super busy for these last few weeks, and chester & i had so many weekend plans it was almost overwhelming (but totally fun of course). we attended a handful of craft beer events around the chicago area, joined my sister and he bf in indiana for dark lord day, and celebrated my birthday last weekend (i am officially in the last year of my 20s... whoa).

dark lord day // birthday drinks at the aviary // goose island 25th anniversary block party

i had such a blast for my birthday. i am somehow always blessed with gorgeous weather, which is not anything to rely on in the midwest. chester, my family & my friends made sure the whole weekend was so fun! i'm a lucky, lucky girl :)

tomorrow my family and i leave for our 12 day italy vacation!!!! i spent the majority of last night packing & washing the last bit of clothing i wanted to bring. i'm only doing carry-on luggage, so that has presented quite the challenge, but i've figured it all out and it will definitely be easier when i'm there. i keep reminding myself that i will wash and re-wear some outfits, so that eliminated a lot of bulk off the bat. i was hoping to do a few "what i'm packing" posts before i left, but maybe it will be better to do those when i get back. i mean, i obviously don't have the time to do them now, but at least i can say what i really needed and what i really didn't need. i always love reading those posts around the web. they always help me out.

i will have limited internet access while i'm gone, so i won't be back at this blog until i get back in early june. i will take a TON of photos, and i will share them here as soon as i can! otherwise, be sure to follow me on instagram :)

i hope you all have a wonderful memorial day weekend! xoxo

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