i am...

chester's niece lily hoover, who was born this past friday, december 14th.

... still so happy that i was able to tag along with chester & his parents to visit his sister jenny and her husband caleb in the hospital on friday. it was awesome to be there when his niece lily was born :) i was almost bursting at the seams to hold her! she's absolutely amazing.
... a crocheting machine. i made lily a newborn hat in the waiting room, and have made myself a few hats as well. i'm also working on a couple infinity cowl orders. busy busy.

... glad that i got to spend some quality time with my parents this past weekend.

... hoping to finish up my christmas shopping by this weekend.

... looking forward to my work christmas party this friday, chester's family christmas on saturday, and heading back to rockford on sunday.

... still shocked about the tragedy that struck newton, connecticut a couple days ago. although i was happy about welcoming a new life into the world that day, i feel sick thinking about all the lives that were lost. and all the lives that are forever changed since friday morning. i will continue to pray for everyone that was affected, in hopes that they can make it through this horrific time.

... thankful for my loved ones.

this post was inspired by natalie over at nat the fat rat, one of my new favorite blogs.

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