7 questions (halloween version)

 some old favorites, with the same face: black swan, dead marie antoinette, and sally from the nightmare before christmas 

1. do you believe in ghosts?
i try to tell myself that i don't, but then i hear strange noises sometimes and automatically think it's a ghost, haha.

2. do you prefer the cute or the scary halloween?
it depends. for certain halloween parties, the cute version is great. but i think i prefer the scary halloween most of the time. even though i'm a total wimp.

3. how old were you when you stopped trick or treating?
haha, well i went once with my first roommate in college. but before that, i probably stopped when i was 13 or so. i LOVED to go trick or treating.

4. do you have any fun halloween traditions?
we usually always carve pumpkins. and go out the weekend before halloween to the bars or a party. i'm really excited to bar hop this saturday in wicker park!

5. share a scary local urban legend.
i tried googling one i remember from back home (rockford, il) but i couldn't remember the name of the road that was supposedly haunted. legend has it that if you drove to a certain point in the road, maybe over a bridge, that your car would die, and you would see a ghost walk out from the woods. it was a lot scarier before cell phones, b/c the road was in the middle of nowhere. my friends and i talked about driving there a few times, but never did.

6. would you rather be haunted or haunting?
i LOATHE the idea of being haunted, so i would rather haunt. although, that usually means that the spirit hasn't crossed over... i think it would suck being stuck in that limbo.

7. what's your favorite halloween character/creature?
i used to like vampires before all of the recent hype of the past few years... now i would say creepy ghosts or skeletons :)


  1. oh skeletons! Different answer! I like it. :)
    I had the same issue with #6! I didn't want either! haha!

  2. cute blog! I love these link ups! new follower!

  3. I found you via Gentri and am a new follower! Your costumes are so epic! I could never pull of make-up like that...I would try and it would end up looking horrible. Give me your skills!



    1. i wasn't able to reply to you via email, but thank you so much! the makeup definitely takes practice, but it's always fun to do :)

      thanks for stopping by!