my new camera! yes, another one ;)

for the past year or so, i've really embraced analog photography, and mostly have been obsessing over the lomo cameras. i still love my digital, but i've had a lot of fun with film. most recently i've been reading up on this shooting "through the viewfinder" thing, which combines analog and digital in a really cool way. you take a photograph with one camera by shooting through the viewfinder of another camera. this blog goes does a great job of walking you through the process and provides other excellent resources. also, there is a flickr group that's worth checking out :) very cool pics.

i'm really excited to experiment with TtV photography. i snagged this beauty, an argus seventy-five twin lens reflex camera, online last week and just got it this afternoon :)

and here is my first shot. this is definitely a tricky way of shooting! it's gonna take lots of practice, but i'm looking forward to the learning process :) 

haha, and here's my roomie jon! it cracked me up when i saw his face in there, it looks like he's trapped in the camera ;) this would be a fun photo session to do with some friends.

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