another fabulous weekend full of photos!

took a bunch of polaroids at jeremy's party on saturday...everyone seemed to dig the instant pics :) it was a lot of fun and i got to catch up with quite a few people from school. (i uploaded most of the pics on facebook.)

*my friends tony and jon

on sunday i met up with my friend kristine for another fabulous photo adventure! we bundled up and braved the cold out at busse woods with 12 purple balloons and several cameras ;) it was FREEZING but i had so much fun with her! and we got some amazing pics out of it, so it was more than worth it. we agreed that our next photo adventure would be in warmer weather tho ;)

i had a hard time picking pictures to put in this post because i loved them ALL. hahaha, but here are a few. the rest of the "purple snow balloons" series can be found on my flickr here
this one is from my fuji instax camera. i was freaking out when we started taking pics with this one because it looked like the film wasn't going to develop :( but it ended up just being a slow process because it was so cold out. i attempted to speed up the process by sticking the picture right by my car heater. lol, thus the "defects" in this shot. but i kinda like it :) looks interesting

some of my other favorites from my lomo cameras :) the colors came out so vibrant! and kristine made an excellent moving/jumping/dancing subject :)

by kristine reyes from her "Purple Tundra" series...her pics are amazing! can't wait to see her holga ones :)

so yea, good photo weekend for SURE! now on to making log pillows for peeps ;)

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