first entry

i figured it would be a good idea to get this blog up and running, to keep in contact with family and friends (those of you who are not glued to facebook i decided to use this template instead of creating my own, so that it will be easier to post new entries. that way i will probably do it more often :)

*quick news: i am officially a college graduate (from The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg) and i have recently accepted a full-time position at Culture 22 ( as a digital media designer. yay! if you haven't already, check out my portfolio at !

*other exciting news: i recently worked on a 20 second commercial for LG Electronics, introducing their new portable navigation device.'s currently playing in Times NYC!!!! i'm pretty excited about it :) i have the commercial up at my site so go check it out!

i will upload some recent pictures soon. a lot has been going on, so i have many to share :)

oh, and feel free to email anytime. i have several email addresses, but the one that i check most often is my hotmail one:

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